LIVE Sign.

Dentsu Inc. has announced the second phase of its digital transformation initiative in the field of entertainment, including sports, which is being promoted through demonstration experiments. (Click here to see the first phase.) “LIVE Sign.", a service that delivers valuable "signatures" to fans in real time, as digital content, at "memorial moments" in sports and entertainment, such as moments of victory and historic moments (Patent pending). Developed and produced by WTFC. BASSDRUM, a member of WHEREVER, is in charge of technical direction.

What is “LIVE Sign.”?
"LIVE Sign." is a digital service that allows you to add value to the act of getting celebrities' autographs directly, which is difficult to achieve at a time of COVID-19.
The "autograph drawing" on the tablet and the "celebrity's scene" of the autograph being drawn can be instantly combined into video content and autograph data. Celebrities who have been forced to keep a physical distance with fans due to COVID-19 can now give autographs to them on videos "anytime", "anywhere" and "to anyone".

Examples of “LIVE Sign.
・Before and after sports matches, "LIVE Sign." videos of players are recorded and broadcast on TV and distributed digitally.
・“LIVE Sign." videos of corporate athletes sharing their pre-game enthusiasm with employees.
・“Live Sign." videos will be provided to children by their favorite athletes in real time.
・Signing session using "LIVE Sign." at fan events of idols and artists.
・At the scene of TV commercial shooting, celebrities deliver their messages via "LIVE Sign as a promotion campaign of companies.
・Development of goods using the signature data of "LIVE Sign." drawn at various emotional moments.

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Produce: WTFC Inc.

Technical Direction: BASSDRUM
Producer: Kazuhiro Kudaka(WTFC Inc.)
Producer: Sari Takahashi(WTFC Inc.)
Technical Director: Kanta Shimizu(BASSDRUM Inc.)
Programmer: Keita Kuroki(BASSDRUM Inc.)