JUL. 13, 2020


WTFC produced “Future Box Seat (Beta),” which aims to be the future of remote viewing seats. It is the first of the series of digital transformation projects in the sports & entertainment domain jointly driven by Dentsu and Fighters Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd., the managing company of the baseball games of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters.

“Future Box Seat (Beta)” is a system designed to deliver a game viewing experience that makes you feel as if you are at the stadium. It allows you to remotely control a robot to give a round of applause to the players. You can also freely move the 360-degree camera mounted on the robot’s head to get a feeling of the venue’s atmosphere. The robot can even show your face on the attached monitor and lets you enjoy talking to the players remotely. The system made its debut as a proof-of-concept at the official professional baseball game on July 14, 2020, at Sapporo Dome stadium.

The plan is to go beyond sporting events and extend the trials to various entertainment venues, including music concerts and theater performances, and shift to the production phase in 2021.


Agency: WTFC Inc.
Planning / Production: Whatever

Creative Director: Kyosuke Taniguchi
Producer: Ayako Watanabe
Programmer: Tatsuya Kida
Programmer: Saqoosha
Programmer: Kenta Watashima
Technical Director: Yuto Kumon (BASSDRUM Inc.)
Clapping Hand Tech: Masato Takahashi (Bye Bye World)
Designer: Yuichi Takatani
Associate Designer: Yuta Mihashi
Product Design: Keisuke Ikeya (CDP)
Product Design: Akira Ishino (CDP)
Product Design: Yosuke Matsuzaki (CDP)
Producer: Daiji Yoshida (WTFC Inc.)
Producer: Kazuhiro Kudaka (WTFC Inc.)
Assistant Producer: Sari Takahashi (WTFC Inc.)
Executive Producer: Kenichi Seki