WTFC launched a new service that will spread options of learning through Manga to the world, “Aha!Comics”. “To deliver educational manga that can make Aha! understanding experience and contributing to improve educational standards throughout the world.”, WTFC and Whatever in Tokyo and members specialized in various fields in Berlin started this service. Aha!Comics think the field of educational manga in the world is still undeveloped, and with educational Manga, aim to develop in fields of elementary level mathematics learning Manga, language learning and other educational contents, app development and character licencing. As our first project, we released multiplication learning manga on our website and distributed educational manga brochures to elementary schools and libraries in Berlin, aiming to support elementary level education in Germany.

WTFC is considering reaching out to countries in Europe, starting from Germany to develop its business field.


Published by WTFC Inc.

Founder & Chief Editor:Shoko Tanaka(Whatever Inc. Berlin)

Executive Producer:Daiji Yoshida(WTFC Inc.)
Producer:Miwa Harada(WTFC Inc.)
Creative Adviser:Kyosuke Taniguchi(Whatever Inc.)
Business Adviser:Kei Kaneko(Whatever Inc.)
Brand Designer:Yoshihiro So(Whatever Inc.)
Technical Director:Yukihiro Fujimoto(TOHOKUSHINSHA FILM CORPORATION)
Comic Artist:Genki Takata(Berlin)
Translator & Researcher:Mariko Kitai(Berlin) , Sakuya Iwakawa(Berlin)
Copy Writer:Kiyoshi Runze(Momonga Berlin)