JUL. 28, 2020

New Stand Tokyo
“The Variety Store of the Future”

WTFC proudly presents New Stand Tokyo, the “variety store of the future,” on the ground floor of our co-working building WHEREVER which we co-operate with Whatever.

New Stand originally started in New York in 2015 as a renovated kiosk at Union Square subway station with the idea of updating the good-old newsstands, and has become popular as a boutique convenience store that sells digital gadgets and design-conscious items. Under the theme of “a day improvement company,” they not only sell products but also actively engage in introducing new cultures and community building through their smartphone app. They currently operate 42 stores in Manhattan (including stores on ferries) and 13 stores in airports across the United States. New Stand Tokyo is their first store outside of the U.S.

While maintaining the brand concept of the New Stand in New York, we decided to reinterpret “New Stand” as an abbreviation for “New Standard,” and positioned ourselves as a general store of the future, curating products that we believe can become the “next norm.” These include products such as, but not limited to, ones that tackle various social issues, sustainable products that are produced in an ethical way, and products that can transcend cultural boundaries and bring more smiles to the world.

We also have a store-in-store dedicated to Femtech products that support women’s wellbeing through technology, which is actually the first retail outlet for our curation/operation partner Fermata Inc.

Furthermore, New Stand Tokyo also serves as a testbed for new Retail Technology. We are looking into hosting various exhibitions and events here, leveraging the mixed channel of store/gallery/lab space together with the kitchen lounge upstairs.

New Stand Tokyo
Open: 11:00-19:00 (Closed on Tuesday)
Address: 7-2-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan WHEREVER 1F


Business Partner: New Stand
Idea/Creative Direction: Whatever Inc.
Management/Production: WTFC
Operation Partner: fermata Inc.

Idea: Yusuke Tominaga
Idea: Masashi Kawamura

Executive Producer: Yusuke Tominaga
Creative Director: Masashi Kawamura
Business Director: Kei Kaneko
Executive Producer: Daiji Yoshida (WTFC)
Producer/Planner: Naoko Obi (WTFC)
Assistant Producer/Buyer: Takaaki Ametani (WTFC)
Assistant Producer: Azusa Hirasawa (WTFC)
Designer: Sonoka Sagara
Web Director: Mikuko Kadoya (WTFC)
Programmer/Frontend Engineer: Takamasa Wada
Technical Director: Yukihiro Fujimoto (TOHOKUSHINSHA FILM CORPORATION)
Space Designer: Keisuke Ikeya (CDP)
Store Operation/Femtech Buyer: Hiroko Nakamura (fermata Inc.)
Store Operation/Femtech Buyer: Amina Sugimoto (fermata Inc.)
Store Operation/Femtech Buyer: Akane Eskola (fermata Inc.)
Store Operation/Femtech Buyer: Kana Kondo (fermata Inc.)

PR PR Producer: Kazuhiro Kudaka (WTFC)
Assistant PR Producer: Sari Takahashi (WTFC)
PR Planner: Shingo Iida
PR: Rika Ono
PR: Natsuki Hayashibe (fermata Inc.)
PR: Azumi Kawai (SUNNY SIDE UP Inc.)
PR: Junpei Yamaguchi (SUNNY SIDE UP Inc.)
PR: Rie Masayama (SUNNY SIDE UP Inc.)